Cargo holds are upgrades which Increase the capacity of trade and transport ships. They cannot be used on ships that cannot carry cargo. Cargo Holds are produced at the Naval engineer, found by Treasure hunters, or bought at the Ruby Shop. The list below are cargo holds produced at the Naval engineer. These cargo holds can also be upgraded from a lower level for the cost of the additional time, coin, and materials.

  • Level 1 Sufficient cargo hold (adds 10 Cargo) takes 20 minutes to produce, requires 30.0K Coin and 50 Wood. Available @ 250 merchants.
  • Level 2 Extended cargo hold (adds 20 Cargo) takes one hour to produce, requires 120K Coin, 50 Wood and 40 Iron. Available @ 3000 merchants
  • Level 3 Spacious cargo hold (adds 30 Cargo) takes three hours to produce, requires 480K Coin, 50 Wood, 40 Iron and 30 Brass. Available @ 2500 imperials.

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