Leuchtturm icon Lighthouse
(Level 1)
Construction Cost Coin 0
Upkeep BalanceMove 0
Dimensions Move 3x3
Unlock Prebuilt

The Lighthouse is the only building which is not built on your island, but on a rock in the sea. Therefore it's prebuilt, but throughout the game you'll have several opportunities to upgrade it.

The higher the level your Lighthouse is on is, the more ship points you get and the more ships you can build. Furthermore, the Lighthouse serves as a "parking place" for your ships, i.e. when they're idle, they will stay around the Lighthouse.

More ship points can be purchased by using rubies or ducats.


Level Upgrade Costs Ships Upkeep Unlock
Gold Wood Stone Tools Glass
Level 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A LargeShip 5 BalanceMove 0 Prebuilt
Level 2 Coin 80.0k Wood 250 Stone 100 N/A N/A LargeShip 8 BalanceMove -8 1500 Vassals
Level 3 Coin 160.0k Wood 400 Stone 250 N/A N/A LargeShip 12 BalanceMove -12 250 Merchants
Level 4 Coin 300.0k Wood 600 Stone 400 Tools 50 N/A LargeShip 16 BalanceMove -16 1000 Merchants
Level 5 Coin 600.0k Wood 800 Stone 600 Tools 125 N/A LargeShip 22 BalanceMove -22 2000 Merchants
Level 6 Coin 1.0M Wood 1.200 Stone 800 Tools 400 Glass 50 LargeShip 28 BalanceMove -28 1 Imperial
Level 7 Coin 2.2M Wood 1,300 Stone 1,200 Tools 600 Glass 300 LargeShip 36 BalanceMove -36 1500 Imperials
Level 8 Coin 5M Wood 1,400 Stone 1,800 Tools 1,000 Glass 500 LargeShip 45 BalanceMove -44 4000 Imperials


The Lighthouse changes appearance when it's upgraded to higher levels.


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